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How it works!

Volunteer to Change is committed to sustainable development in Africa (Ghana). For many of us in the Developed World, we take food, clean water and shelter for granted. But in Africa (Ghana) life is a daily struggle. Volunteer to Change believes that if you have the opportunity to help, then you should seize it. Just a short period of volunteering can really have an impact on other peoples lives.

Your Registration fee of £145 reserves you a volunteering placement in Africa (Ghana) and includes Volunteer to Change supporting you in organising your volunteering holiday, making your African (Ghana) experience a trip of a lifetime.

Accommodation is provided by Dizzy Lizzies, the beach resort owned by Managing Director, Lindsay Williams.

The accommodation is brand new and features dormitory style rooms with showers and flushing toilets.












When you have registered, confirmation will be sent to you by email or text within 24 hours or the next working day. Once you have received your confirmation, feel free to start organising your volunteering trip and booking flights.

Volunteer to Change gives you two options for paying the registration fee.

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                           OPTION 2





Thank you for registering. If you would like to encourage others to register, please direct them to http://www.volunteer-to-change.com


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Changing lives in Ghana-one person at a time