Volunteer to Change

Volunteer to change


Volunteering abroad offers you the opportunity to volunteer overseas on a range of  volunteer projects in Africa( Ghana).

Whatever your age, background or nationality, the volunteer projects welcome everybody equally and endeavour to encourage and support you in your choices.

Volunteer to Change offers affordable volunteering abroad, choices, fantastic volunteer work opportunities and a flexible approach to volunteering.

Volunteer to Change is dedicated to supporting sustainable development in Africa( Ghana). Working with one of the poorest countries in the world today, Volunteer to Change gives you the chance to be proactive and hands-on and actually make a difference in the communities in which we work.

Volunteering to work in Africa(Ghana) is a life-changing experience; you are not simply putting some money into a collection tin and then walking away.

Volunteer to Change is a registered NGO (non-governmental organisation) in Ghana and also a ‘Not for Profit’ company in the UK ( Company No. 8524177) so you can feel at ease volunteering with us and also donating to us if you choose to do so.


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Changing lives in Ghana-one person at a time