Volunteer to Change

United Healing Hand Academy


Head of school is Gabriel Agyare.

There are 9 teachers including the Head & the Cook.

There are 150 pupils aged between 2 & 15 yrs.

School fees cost 1.5 ghc

Unfortunately, this school has only 2.5 years left on the existing site. The school serves the local community but has only a certificate to function from the Government for 3 years unless they are able to buy the land within this time.

The school is built of an open wooden construction containing only a few tired old blackboards.

There are a few benches but no exercise books.

Volunteer to Change has been supporting the school by providing volunteers to help with the repairs to the school building. The roof has been leaking quite badly & this had prevented the children from attending school as it is currently the rainy season.

New tin was bought for the roof along with timber with funds from Volunteer to Change but also with money donated by Glyn & Wyn Heyes, who have again been carrying out the work.

The female volunteers have been teaching the children from the school.



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