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Solo Forest Conservation Foundation



Formed in 2007, the Solo Forest Conservation Foundation, is an NGO in Ghana.

It was founded by the Chief & Elders of the Ga tribe of the Bortianor Stool ( Tribal Council ) in an effort to protect & preserve the Solo Forest. Solo Forest is a sacred grove & a dedicated shrine which has cultural, socio-economic & ecological importance to the Ga people of Bortianor.

Bortianor is a fishing village about 36 kilometers from Accra in the West Ga District of the Greater Accra Region.

Approx. 136 acres of tropical forest remains today of a once vast forest. It is still able to boast of Sapele, Odum, Wawa & Mahogany trees. There are a troop of spot nose Guenon monkeys, nesting Buzzards, Hawks, Kestrels, African Grey Parrots & Aquatic Warblers.

Bortianor’s biodiversity area makes it attractive as an Eco-education site & a future Eco-tourism destination. It has a wealth of natural resources making itan ideal area of sustainable development.

Volunteer to Change supports Solo Forest in the form of volunteers who are working within the forest tree planting, feeding the monkeys, clearing paths & waste collection within the forest.

Volunteers will make a small donation of 15 cedi which is a one off payment for this invaluable experience. They can also pay 2 cedi approx. for bananas to feed the monkeys. This will include a canoe ride for 1 hour to the remote village made from mud & palm leaves.




As part of our committment to safeguarding our planet for future generations, Volunteer to Change asks all of our volunteers to donate one tree to be planted in the forest as part of the Forest Regeneration Programme,  which will help towards offsetting their carbon footprint left by the flights to Ghana.

Volunteer to Change is negotiating  further with Solo Forest in order to secure a collection scheme for all of the plastic waste generated by the tourist industry. This will therefore create more volunteer opportunities & add to the continuing regeneration of Ghana’s poorest communities.

Volunteer to Change also supports a Tour operator who works within the forest (Paajoe Tour Guide) and also runs other tours throughout the locality.











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