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Jovinnew International Academy has a very passionate man at its head in the form of John Kwesi Acquah.

He is passionate about educating the children from the poorest families in Kokrobite.

There are 55 pupils attending the school.

The school has open sides & a tin roof. It has 3 broken benches & a few mats to put on the soil floor for the children to sit on & the babies to sleep on!

John teaches with the aid of a broken blackboard & a worn out white board without markers. The children have few exercise books & John finds it difficult to deliver a curriculum without resources.

The little money John gets ( 20p per child per day ) goes towards fresh drinking water & food for the children.

In May 2012, Volunteer to Change began to build a new school for John & his pupils.

The school has been designed to house a nursery classroom & a junior/secondary classroom. The longer term plan would be to add another 2 classrooms so that all age groups could be seperated.

Volunteer to Change has raised funds for this project by holding  BBQ’s, Boot sales, Fashion Shows, Leg waxing, etc. but it is not enough. All the money that has been raised has gone directly to the projects currently being supported in Ghana.

Phase 1 of the build- estimated cost:

2, 547 Ghs  ( £897 )

1 Block  1.50 Ghs  ( 52p)

1 Bag cement  17 Ghs  ( £6)

Tank of water to mix cement  100 Ghs  ( £35)

Load of stone  800 Ghs  (£280)

Load of sand  255 Ghs  ( £90)


The school build has continued throughout the summer but unfortunately funds have run out for the time being. However, we are confident that we will be able to raise enough money to begin again soon & of course any donations would be gratefully received.


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School build 1

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