Volunteer to Change

House of Peace Academy


Head is Mr Evans Mensa.

There are 5 teachers including Evans & they teach approx. 150 pupils aged between 2 & 15.

School fees are 70 peswas.

The school is contained within its own compound which is very small.

The school building is constructed from plywood which contains holes & gaps! It is very broken down & not soundproof so each class can here the other!

There are four classrooms which have worn-out blackboards & the children do not have exercise books or any other resources from which to learn.

The children who attend the school are from very disadvantaged families; some of them are not fully clothed. Most are from the poor fishing community which live & work around the beach at Kokrobite.

Our 2012 volunteers have been working at this school repairing the roof, which was leaking badly, with money raised by Volunteer to Change.

In the photographs, you will see Glyn & Wyn Heys carrying out the work.












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