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Countryside Children’s Home

It is with regret that this project has been suspended.

The home houses 140 orphans from babies to teenagers.

The home is also a farm which is totally self-sufficient. Plantain, Cassava & Corn are grown & they also raise pigs, goats, sheep, poultry & produce eggs.

The produce feeds the children & the excess is sold to pay the staff at the home. The home employ 60 staff to include farm workers,

teachers & house mothers. On site there is a school for the orphans which the local children also attend. The education

levels are high & the older children who have excelled, are able to move on to board at the Senior High School in the country. This is a huge achievement for the orphanage.

Countryside Children’s Home has come a long way since they opened in 1983.

In 1981,  Madam Emma Boafa lived with an American couple in Winneba. She was a caretaker for 6 needy children who were

supported by them. Prior to their retirement, they gave Emma funds to further her education & to meet her needs & advised her to send the children to a Children’s home.

Her love for these children made her abandon her own education & she used the funds to take care of  the children instead!

In 1983, during the drought, she migrated with 12 children to Awutu Bawjiase, into rented premises, where food was cheaper &

easier to come by. Here she was able to purchase a part-built house & register as a Children’s Home. Since that time, much has been

accomplished; the home has good records of survival of the abandoned children sent there by social welfare & elsewhere, some who

arrived in critical conditions.

The home has been sponsored by different organisations enabling them to build the pig unit, fish ponds, plant the farm & purchase

livestock. They believe sustainability is the key & are hoping to continue with future projects.

When Volunteer to Change visited the home, the children appeared happy & well fed, but we did notice that the buildings were very

sparsely furnished, not all beds had mosquito nets, they had no bed linen & the mattresses on the beds were very worn. Some of the

childrens clothes were worn & some had no shoes at all. We must stress that this is due to no fault of the home; it is due to lack of

funds as the children are well looked after. As they only have very limited funds, they are stretched to the limit.

Volunteer to Change supports Countryside Children’s Home by sending our volunteers to work there. Volunteers will be giving their

time to the children as this is essential to their development. Playing & contact with the children is a great emotional help to them &

it is so rewarding to see their smiling faces even though they have nothing.

Volunteer to Change have been able to distribute a few toys among the little ones & would particularly like to thank Marilyn

Thomas, Jean Short & Jean Longston for knitting & sewing all of the lovely toys.





















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