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Compost toilets & borehole for Jovinnew

Due to the passion and dedication of one man for Ghana and for Africa, VTC has secured funding for the Compost toilets and the borehole needed for Jovinnew International Academy.
Steve Thanni is a Director of Fine Tribal Gallery and a collector of original African tribal pieces of art from all across Africa. Resources from the sale of these African antiquities have been poured out across Ghana in order to alleviate suffering by providing help to the villagers where the pieces of art have been taken from. Support is given to children, orphanages, refugee camps, funds provided for water wells, working alongside WaterAid.
Steve works very closely with the Chiefs of the villages in order to better understand exactly what is needed for the village and then follows through with the correct level of support.
Steve has developed a partnership with Lindsay and VTC in order to create the best possible school for the children of Jovinnew in Kokrobite. For VTC this has been an ongoing project since 2012 and much has been accomplished through donations and volunteers from the UK.
John, the Head of the school, has worked very hard along with Lindsay and her team, to build the school for the children. However, it has been difficult to raise enough funds to carry out all of the work, and as such a real blessing to have met Steve, who simply wishes to give something back to Ghana and meet a need.
Fine Tribal Gallery is doing a fantastic job in Ghana and Africa as a whole and VTC is looking forward to a long working partnership with the team. So much can be achieved when we work together.
The foundations for the toilets have been laid and work is continuing to build the structure using local labour and materials.
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For more information about the work of Steve and Fine Tribal Gallery:
Http://www.finetribalgallery.com.                .   image


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