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Closure of Countryside Childrens Orphanage

It is with huge regret that I write this post.

In the light of the news regarding the orphanage at Awutu Bawjiase in the Central region of Ghana & the arrest of its founder Mrs Emma Boafo Yeboah for cruelty to the orphans & also running the orhanage as ‘a business’ for her own ends, Volunteer to Change would like to say that it was totally unaware of the corruption & cruelty taking place at the orphange & that we will no longer be supporting them with aid or with volunteers as long as this woman is in charge.

We understand that the orphanage has been closed temporarily by the Ministry for Gender, Children & Social Protection. We feel that this is a very sad piece of news as there are many good ideas & honest people who have made a contribution to the orphange & also that there will now be displaced orphans who need a safe environment in which to live.

It is our hope that the future will yet be positive & will update you when more news is revealed.


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