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Volunteer Sponsors Children

Annabell Russell and her mum, Linda, have generously decided to sponsor two children, the first of which is Eric Anun who will now attend senior high school which otherwise would not be possible and George Tackie who is now able to attend school full time.

When asked why they had decided to sponsor children in Ghana these were their replies:

Anna said “Leaving the children behind every summer after an amazing month of teaching them is undoubtedly the hardest part of volunteering. Sponsoring some of the children allows me to still be a positive part of their lives and let’s me support them every day of the year and not just in the summer months when I’m in Ghana. Sponsoring children to go to school is the best gift anyone can give, particularly in a place like Ghana – education is absolutely priceless”

Linda said “I have always admired Anna’s dedication to volunteering in Ghana and know the children at John’s school will always have a special place in her heart. Sponsoring a child to go to school allows me to contribute toward this fantastic cause, without actually volunteering myself (I am not good with insects or heat!). I think this sponsership program is fantastic and very worthy”.

anna and her mum


If you have been inspired by Anna and Linda’s story and would like to sponsor a child in Ghana to be able to receive an education, then please contact us either via the feedback form on the website or email directly to volunteer@volunteer-to-change.com

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