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Omelettes for Breakfast

Dedune Farm have kindly agreed to donate their cracked eggs to the children of Jovinnew International Academy which has resulted in the children being able to eat omelettes for their breakfast, as some of the children attend school without having anything to eat, this is a huge step forward.

Volunteer Sponsors Children

Annabell Russell and her mum, Linda, have generously decided to sponsor two children, the first of which is Eric Anun who will now attend senior high school which otherwise would not be possible and George Tackie who is now able to attend school full time. When asked why they had decided to sponsor children in […]

Climate Change Wales Africa 2014 Conference

Volunteer to Change are proud to be part of this conference which will seek to not only open discussion around the issues of climate change both in Wales and in Africa, but will also arm us with development tools which will enable us to carry out our work in Ghana with a view to adapting […]

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