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Independence Day


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Volunteer to Change received a great honour in March 2013 as we were invited to attend the 56th Independence Anniversary in Kokrobite.

The purpose of this day is to create awareness of the need for education amongst the children of Kokrobite. The Office of The Cheif of Kokrobite also use this day to instill a spirit of patriotism and committment to the African nation.

This is an annual event for the schools of Kokrobite and is shared with the Chiefs, Elders and community of Kokrobite and as such it was a wonderful and enlightening experience for Lindsay and the team to be involved with such an important event.

Volunteer to Change are working hard to build a new school for the children of Jovinnew School, seen below, in order that education will be available to many more children; education is so very important to these children and their communities as knowledge provides many opportunities for improvement and a step on the ladder to build a better future where hunger and poverty can become a thing of the past.













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